May 24

Business English Certificate Program Advanced

By LAURA HASELEY At VGC International College we believe strongly in customizing our programs to meet the needs of our students. Our Business English Certificate Program Advanced is a good example of this. More and more of our students are coming to us from a professional background in their own countries, looking to return home […]

January 21

Best ESL School for Activities 2015

by MATT NAPIER We are excited to announce that we were recently recognized by Canada Journal for being the English school who offers the best activities in Vancouver, Canada. VGC International College truly prides itself in creating a great learning environment for our students through the academic rigor of our programs, which are delivered by our […]

December 10

Things We Are Thankful For

By IAIN ANGUS Living in Vancouver, Canada, it’s very easy to forget the problems of the world. Clean water flows freely from our taps; the air is crisp and clear. Anything we desire is within easy reach. Malaria, and Dysentery are nasty words from a different place. Famine, Drought and War are nothing more than […]

September 17

Should You Study English Abroad?

By BELISA Traveling to another country as an exchange student is one of the things in life that everybody should do. I know it’s difficult to do it though. First, because of the money. This kind of travel is extremely expensive, so only a few people have the opportunity to do it. If you can, […]

June 24

I Want to Be a Teacher in Japan!

By SAKINO MITSUYASU I used to work in a car rental company in Japan for three years. I felt my job was boring. I didn’t get enough holidays and I had to work overtime for 50 hours a month so I quit my job and I came to Vancouver. At first, I didn’t know what […]

May 25

VGC at Tears to Smiles 2015

VGC’s Mission Statement is “empowering people through education,” and we lived up to that ambition by being a proud sponsor of the Wine & Cheese Fundraiser for the Taiga Galli Memorial Refugee Award. The event featured speaker Ujjal Dosanjh and special guest Kim Phuc, also known as ‘The Girl in the Picture’. The funds raised […]

May 20

VGC Educate for Change: Helping People Reach Education

It’s been a little more than a year since VGC Language School started the Educate for Change initiative. Through this project, we are able to help people that cannot have proper education due to poverty, social barriers and precarious human development. What we do is to accumulate $1 a day for each Brazilian student who […]

May 05

VGC Has Welcomed Students from 50 Countries

By CECILE DIAZ At VGC Language School, we welcome students from all over the world. This is what we do: we teach a language to people from everywhere, from all ages and cultures, so they can communicate with the entire world in English. As a medium-sized school, VGC has quite an impressive mix of nationalities in […]

March 29

The VGC Canadian Experience: Winter Weekend Adventure at Manning Park

BY JESSICA MATSUI I decided to sign up for the trip to Manning Park a few weeks ago because I had never seen snow before. VGC’s Events Coordinator Matt convinced us that we would enjoy it a lot. He said it was his favourite organized trip and usually everybody loves it, so I asked to my […]

February 11

The VGC Team

by LAURA HASELEY I love my job! Every day I get to work with a wonderful group of teachers from a whole range of different backgrounds. They work together to ensure that we bring the best teaching possible to our students, using a wide variety of teaching techniques. Their skills and experience are second to […]